‘Getting’ Twitter, New Image Uploader And Photo Rights Clarified: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten stories of the week, which includes the 5 stages of ‘getting’ Twitter, Twitter’s new image uploader tool (and your photo  ownership rights clarified), using Twitter as an earthquake detector, a look at the latest Twitter demographics and confirmation of the very first brand on Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter

Lots of people struggle with the idea of Twitter. At first, they can be indifferent and even hostile towards the platform, and it can take a monumental effort to convince them otherwise. Even if and when they finally sign up there is an inevitable cloudy period where they don’t really grasp the almost endless possibilities offered by the network. This process, which begins with denial and anger, and leads through to bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance, is a well-trodden path that many have followed, and you might see a little of yourself herein, as well as your friends.

2. Why Twitter Removed Favorites And Lists From The Twitter.com Sidebar (And Why Almost Nobody Cares)

On Friday Twitter made some design tweaks to Twitter.com, which included the removal of the Favorites and Lists links from the home page. Both of these used to sit in the right sidebar below the data about who you were following and who was following you. Not no more. They’ve been whacked. Most people won’t have picked up on this change. Others won’t care. Which leads me to ask: in the bigger picture, is this decision by Twitter indicative of something more permanent?

3. Bye Bye, Twitpic! Twitter To Release Own Photo-Sharing Service, Announcing This Week

Photo-sharing on Twitter has become big business, with popular sites such as Twitpic and Yfrog generating millions of visits and advertising impressions on a daily basis. Earlier this week, in a move that sent yet another warning shot across the bows of would-be developers, Twitter has announced the launch of its own photo-sharing service, which is rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

4. Twitter Explains Photo Ownership: “you own your tweets and photos will be part of your tweets.”

In the wake of Twitter’s announcement that they are building their own photo sharing service, questions about who will actually own the photos uploaded to Twitter.com (via photobucket) started flying. And the short answer? You will own them, just like you own everything you tweet out onto Twitter.

5. Twitter To Be Used By Governments As Earthquake Detector

Geologists in the US and Australia are using Twitter as an earthquake and natural disaster detector, following tweets to pinpoint the areas affected first by these events.

6. Revealed: The Very First Brand On Twitter

On his official (and, finally, verified) feed, executive chairman Jack Dorsey often shares nostalgic musings, photographs and memories from days of Twitter yore, notably about early-stage development, pioneering users and other instrumental moments. In his latest publication, Dorsey has shed some light on another important Twitter milestone – namely, the very first brand to sign up to the network.

7. Who Uses Twitter? 13% Of Online Adults, Men More Than Women, Minorities More Than Whites [STUDY]

Back in December of last year we reported on data from the Pew Research Center that provided a detailed breakdown of the impact that Twitter is making with the online adult population in the United States. Pew’s research in December suggested that 8% of online adults were using Twitter, female users were slightly more typical than male, and minority internet users were significantly more prevalent on the network. Six months later, what’s changed?