This Week On Twitter: The Science Of Retweets, Tools For Music Lovers And Twitter Security Tips

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a scientific approach to getting more retweets, awesome Twitter tools for musicians and music lovers, five official tips from Twitter for keeping your profile safe, how to track all mentions of any link you share on Twitter and a look at how Twitter and Facebook match up to Google+.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. 5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Get More Retweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Retweets are the backbone of Twitter. Because of the network’s very powerful ripple effect, a retweet from one user to another allows any single person’s message to be seen by any and everyone on the network. This infographic reveals a data-backed approach to getting more retweets.

2. 10 Awesome Twitter Tools for Musicians (And Music-Lovers, Too!)

Twitter is a great way to share content, and what better content is there than your favorite band or some tracks you’ve put together yourself? We’ve compiled a list of 10 great Twitter tools for musicians and music-lovers to share what they love with their followers. So crack out those headphones, get your toes ready for tapping, and check out these tools!

3. Twitter Security 101: 5 Official Tips For Keeping Your Profile Safe

Your security on Twitter is important, but the onus is on you, the user, to take responsibility to ensure you’re not making yourself more susceptible to exploitation. This week the official Twitter blog looked to answer a question that they probably receive hundreds, maybe thousands of times a day. Namely: “How do I keep my Twitter account safe and private?”

4. Twitter Power Tip: How To Track All Mentions Of Any Link Shared On Twitter

Did you know that Twitter’s search functionality is really, really clever. How smart? Well, for starters, it can easily track any web page that has been shared on Twitter… even if it’s hidden inside another URL.

5. Social Media Showdown: Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Previously we looked at the ways in which Twitter and Facebook, and new kid on the block Google+, are different. And the same. This infographic from Stefano Epifani takes a slightly more visual look at this matchup, helping you decide which of these social networks is right for you.

6. 5 Surefire Ways To Manage Your Tweets And Banish Twitter Overload

If you’re beyond the “Wow, I have three whole followers” stage and are now trying to keep up with an eternally-refreshing timeline full of thousands of updates a minute on Twitter, you might start feeling like you’re the Fail Whale – constantly facing the threat of Twitter overload. However, there are plenty of ways you can filter tweets and sift out the ones that are more clutter than content, so you can free yourself from being chained to an irrelevant timeline.

7. One Minute Of Twitter Silence Today For The Victims Of Norway Attacks

Organizers of a movement to show respect for the victims of the Norway attacks asked Twitter and Facebook users to observe one minute of silence on Friday.

8. Twitter Mobile Data Usage Grew By 300% In The First Half Of 2011

Mobile data use has been booming lately, according to a new report from Allot Communications. The first half of 2011 saw a 77 percent increase in mobile data usage across the board, with Twitter leading the pack in terms of mobile uptake – at a whopping 300 percent increase over the first half of the year.

9. Social Media Propaganda Posters: Twitter, Facebook And Google+

These brilliant social media propaganda posters from designer Aaron Wood are superbly illustrated and really hit the spot. They’re also a timely reminder that Twitter, Facebook and newcomer Google+, with their combined one billion users, are just a marketing message away from making a lot of people do pretty much whatever they want.