Top 10 Most Original Facebook Games

For anyone that has spent any significant time on Facebook, you may have noticed how many Facebook apps and games are nearly carbon copies of others. No matter where you look, you’ll see about 500 RPGs that all do the same thing using different names, about 1,000 quiz apps, and who knows how many gifting applications. With such an abundance of mediocrity, it becomes a challenge to find games that are truly different from the rest of the masses.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, the titles below represent some of the most original Facebook games. No, this does not mean they are 100% original in all forms, but to make this list, the application must exhibit something uncommon amongst Facebook games, convey a new or interesting twist on old ideas, or display a new and interesting way to adapt a mainstream idea to the Facebook world. By all means, post your opinions.

10) Owned –
As you know, gift giving applications are everywhere on Facebook, but Owned is one in which the actual gift is people. While passing out drinks, Pokemon, or pets is all find and dandy, it is infinitely more amusing to try and see how much you yourself are worth and to be given as a gift to others.

With nearly 3 million monthly users, this ego boosting app earns the #10 spot on today’s list.

9) Word Cube – Ankur Nagpal
Yes, yes, it is another word game. The difference here is this game actual employs strategic and tactical values. Instead of a flat, 2D, set of scrambled letters, players are presented with a 3D box of letters that not only makes it more visually difficult to unscramble, but the letters will disappear once used too many times.

Players, can also manually remove boxes from the word cube to see if they will have better luck on those below. However, once a box is gone, it’s gone for good, thus allowing players to strategically think about how to score the most points and if removing cubes is worth the risk.

8) Who Has The Biggest Brain? – Playfish
Certainly one of the more famous games on Facebook. The premise of the game is, actually, not that original. You’re probably wondering – then why is it on this list? The reason is this game takes the concept of an IQ test and employs it in a very creative and memorable fashion. Anyone that has played this game will remember doing so, and that makes it stand out above other IQ applications.

It’s a refreshing makeover for a tired concept.

7) Pokey – Bonehead Labs
Adopt a pet and take care of it. This is definitely a concept adapted from the old Japanese Tamagotchi pets from all those years ago. Pokey adapts the idea of a “living, breathing” virtual pet to Facebook. This cute and adorable puppy requires lots of love, and is certainly a nice addition to the Facebook space.

6) Nobility – Challenge Games
At first glance, this title definitely feels like your typical Facebook RPG. However, it actually is quite different. Nobility is, in fact, a political strategy game with a pyramid style hierarchy in which your goal is to acquire as many people beneath you as possible to boost your own rank, and if possible, get people with higher in game ranks.

Each item you purchase has its own special effect, and while purchasing items is not uncommon, the different effects are balanced in such away to create any number of strategic means to accomplish your goals. A Facebook game with this level of strategic depth is certainly far from commonplace.