Top 10 Double Rainbow Parodies…OMG…So Intense

It would be an understatement to say that I think the Double Rainbow clip on YouTube and its subsequent parodies are hilarious. I don’t just think they are hilarious – I am obsessed with them. I have made my cell phone ring tone the ‘Double Rainbow Song’, have started calling things “more intense than a double rainbow” and am constantly looking to the sky, hoping for an OMG double rainbow experience of my own. To spread the double rainbow love, I’ve but together a list of the top 10 double rainbow parodies on YouTube. Are you ready for the intensity?

The History

Okay, before we go into the parodies, lets look back at the history of the Double Rainbow YouTube clip, which has become one of the most popular memes in recent history. It all started when mountain man Paul Vasquez came across a double rainbow, made a video (complete with some wacky, emotional commentary), and uploaded it to YouTube. On July 3, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about the Vasquez’s original clip and it took off. Today it has over 3 million views. Rocketboom explains the history behind the Double Rainbow meme, and what made it so popular in the clip below.

Vasquez appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ to talk about his video and (surprise, surprise!) he says that he was not on any drugs when he made he video. His excitement was “pure rainbow power.” Check out Double Rainbow on ‘Good Morning America’ here (embedding is disabled) and then head to the top 10 parodies below.


This song is catchy and fantastic and just so happens to be my new cell phone ring. If you haven’t heard it yet you must! With over 2 million views on YouTube in a week, the Double Rainbow song is shaping up to be one of the most popular YouTube remixes ever.

Double KFC Drive-Thru

This is my personal favorite Double Rainbow parody. I have watched it at least 20 times today and it just doesn’t get old. The video features a guy (who has exactly the same voice as Paul Vasquez), driving through KFC and getting excited about the doublicious Double Down combo.

Crazy Double Rainbow Guy Eats Breakfast

I guess that with the rainbow reference Lucky Charms were the clear choice for a parody video. In this clip, the “double rainbow guy” finds not a single rainbow, but a double rainbow in his bowl of breakfast cereal.

Auto Tune The Rainbow

So I must say that after hearing the ‘Double Rainbow Song’ above I just can’t fully appreciate the other Double Rainbow remixes on YouTube. After all, that other song is simply amazing. That being said, ‘Auto Tune The Rainbow’ has done fairly well on YouTube as well, bringing in just over 266,000 views since it was uploaded on July 4, so it gets a spot on our list.

Double Rainbow Connection remix

The Double Rainbow Connection remix also gets a spot on our list, for pure creativity. In my opinion, there is no clearer match for a duet than Paul Vasquez and Kermit the Frog.


Double Rainbow meets 2001: A Space Odyssey in this following clip, which has 11,800 views so far. What can I say? It’s so intense.

Crazy Double Rainbow Guy – Part 2

In this clip a Paul Vasquez impersonator heads into a San Francisco ice cream and crepe shop called “Double Rainbow” and the store’s owner (or worker) threatens to call the police. However, the smile on the guy’s face tells me he was in on the joke. I wonder if the Double Rainbow YouTube clip will lead to a rise in crepe sales?

Piano Remix – Double Rainbow Song

This piano remix, featuring the Double Rainbow Song, along with clips from 3OH!3 and MGMT, really features just what a great song the Double Rainbow Song is. It’s brilliant, eh?

Double Cheeseburger

Double Cheeseburger is getting a spot on the list not so much because it’s funny, but more because it’s the kind of thing that makes you squint your eyes, turn your head to the side and ask, “Huh?” The clip is pretty long, so I wouldn’t advise watching the whole thing, but try to hang in there until around 1:05. You’ll see why when you get there…

Double Kill All The Way

This last parody goes out to all the gamers out there. I’m going to give away the fact here that I know absolutely nothing about video games, so I’m not really sure what game they are playing here (Halo?), but I still think it’s pretty funny. In whichever game it is, when you kill two people in a row the game says “Double Kill.” You can only guess how the creator Vasquez-ized this clip.