Top 10 Branded Web Videos: Dior Tops Chart With Charlize Theron ‘Gold’ Spot

Plus, Land Rover goes galatic

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Dior’s new ad featuring decade-long spokeswoman Charlize Theron grabs the top spot in this week’s Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded YouTube chart, showing that celebrity endorsements still go a long way for luxury marketers. 

The 50-second video pushes the J’adore fragrance and shows Theron climbing up a rope in an elaborately decorated building. Once she reaches the top, she climbs through a skylight to the roof, where she's greeted by a skyline of gold buildings.

Theron’s appearance in the ad marks the actress's 10th year as a spokeswoman for Dior. When asked about how the deal has evolved over the years, she recently said in a statement, "There’ll always be a forward motion and understanding that women are conflicted, and they’re interesting, and they’re layered, and they’re complex, and so why not celebrate all of those things instead of just simplifying us and making of [sic] two-dimensional."  

Dior’s spot has garnered 6.6 million views since it was uploaded on Sept. 2. It has been shared more than 5,000 times on Facebook and 243 times on Twitter. It has also generated more than 470 comments, an impressive number considering runner-up Nike had 150 comments.

Viral Newbies

Other newbies this week include spots from Land Rover and Ford Brazil. Land Rover’s 90-second video supports its galactic-themed campaign to promote its new Discovery SUV.

Similar to last week, brands continued to pour money into their YouTube efforts this week. Seven of this week’s brands bought ads to promote their clips.

Google takes the No. 2 spot this week with a 15-second spot that touts its Chromebook computer's ability to automatically save files.

Check out all of the clips below in the VidIQ-powered infographic.

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@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.