Top 10 Branded Videos: Durex’s Secret Bedroom Technology Takes Over YouTube

Plus, Air France soars with inside peek of airplane

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Durex's clever technology-bashing video is having a reverse effect, racking up 12 million views on this week's Adweek/Tubular top 10 branded video chart.

The condom brand's three-minute video punks a group of couples into thinking Durex has found "sexy smartphone technology." Durex has uploaded two copies of the spot to its YouTube page. A Russian version has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Meanwhile, Air France's dreamy "France Is in the Air" commercial took the No. 1 spot on the YouTube chart this week, and iTunes' Game of Thrones Season 5 promo (which also plugs the streaming service HBO Now) reigned on Facebook.

Snickers' GIF Facebook hack also got some buzz this week. The brand uploaded a 15-second video last week made out of a GIF from its Super Bowl ad that shows Danny Trejo repeatedly sharpening his axe, in an effort to drive traffic to its Tumblr page.

There are slight variations to how Facebook and YouTube count video views, so comparisons are not exactly apples to apples. 

The below infographic, powered by Tubular Labs, shows the top 10 Facebook and YouTube videos for the week of March 7 to March 13.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.