Top 10 Branded Video Chart: Facebook and YouTube Square Off in New Weekly Chart

Each requires different tactics and creative

Welcome to Adweek's revamped top 10 branded video chart, which tracks the biggest moves in online video every week.

For those of you who have followed the weekly chart, the biggest change you'll see is that Adweek is now tracking the performance of Facebook video. Over the past year, Facebook's video ad business has gone from nonexistent to one that rivals YouTube for big brand dollars. So we decided it was time to start checking how those social clips stack up.

It's important to note that comparing Facebook and YouTube stats isn't apples to apples. YouTube counts a view as someone who watches a video for 30 or more seconds. Facebook considers a view three seconds after an autoplay spot begins playing, even if someone doesn't click on it. On both platforms, engagement scores measure likes, comments and shares.

Regardless of the numbers, the goal of this recurring article is to give marketers an idea of which types of creative content work best on each platform.

With that in mind, ABC and The Academy Awards nab four Facebook spots on this week's chart, all of which were uploaded after the Oscars aired Feb. 22. Neil Patrick Harris' opening monologue (with a cameo from Anna Kendrick) scored ABC more than 13 million views and a 3 percent engagement rate. All four vignettes brought in more than 37 million views.

On YouTube, Adidas picked up an additional 8 million views after last week's 21 million, bringing its total to more than 30 million views since it was uploaded Feb. 13.

Despite being uploaded on Wednesday, Disney's first look at Frozen Fever—a new short film based on 2013's popular Frozen movie—managed to squeeze in more than 8 million YouTube views before the end of last week. The 40-second promo has since been watched more than 14 million times.

Click on each of the videos to watch the full clip in the Tubular-powered infographic below.


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