Tools Round Up: Thomson Reuters Launches Multimedia Centre, Spigit, and More

Thomson Reuters has launched the Multimedia Centre, a tool that allows users to upload video in real-time, share content via social media, tag it to make content searchable, and provides analytics. The service is available in multiple languages and targets both the consumer and business audience.

Shaun McIver, global head of multimedia solutions at Thomson Reuters, told us that the Multimedia Centre is based on the company’s vast experience in webcasting (he says they’re “the largest webcaster in the world”). However, this service adds “flexibility” because users can include resources, embed polls, and customize it in different ways.

Spigit has launched SpigitEngine for Facebook, a tool that allows marketers to crowdsource and manage ideas with their social network community.

MediaVantage is now offering sentiment analysis for social media mentions and Web news in French as well as English.

Facebook has chosen digital marketing agency Tenthwave as a member of its Preferred Developer Consultant Program, a resource list Facebook generates. A total of 64 companies appear on the list.