Tools Round Up: Superfly, Kobo, Visbli, and more

Superfly, a tool that helps users organize their travel rewards, is out of beta. It has a new design and domain (for those who are familiar with it) and helps users not only track the points they’re earning, but helps users maximize them. [via TechCrunch]

Kobo will launch a touchscreen version of its e-reader in June. Sony has had a touchscreen e-reader for some time Mashable says, but Kobo is brought to you by Borders, making it the first bookseller-backed touchscreen e-reader. A New York Times story says that while tablets are the top choice for most magazine publishers, women’s magazines are finding success with readers who own the Nook Color, Barnes & Noble’s e-reader.

Visbli has launched “Sneak Peek,” which gives users Twitter link analytics that shows how much traffic others have driven to a shared link. The company describes it as a “ for Twitter.”

Vrank, a tool that rates brands, has launched. Companies can enter their own website to measure their brand’s visibility, and a running tally of the most visible brands is available on the tool’s homepage. Facebook, Google, and a few other usual suspects appear on the top, of course, but there are a couple of surprises farther down the line.

A couple of weeks back, we tweeted a contest hosted by the News Broadcast Network offering one nonprofit a free radio news release. The winner has been announced: Children’s Health Fund, which was co-founded by singer/songwriter Paul Simon and helps medically underserved kids. Congrats to the winner!

Social media management company tracx has introduced new features — a content distribution module that works across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels; and an analytics module. Tracx offers real-time social media monitoring and brand, activity, competitor, and ecosystem analysis.