Too Hairy for Me–Cary Tennis Lobs One Into the Bush

So what’s creepier? That Salon’s Cary Tennis wrote a response to the question: “Do I shave down there?” He didn’t really answer, which must be a first for the often poetic, more usually tortured columnist, and tossed it to the readers.

Or that it got 130-plus letters? Oddly enough, no editor’s picks. Just who is the Salon reader, anyway? We’re guessing shut-ins, those without access to newstands stocking fashion mags, such as Allure and people with passionate convictions about search engines.

Aren’t there a few dozen advice types you’d ask before Cary Tennis? The Advice Goddess? Dan Savage? The Dog Whisperer?

Does Salon need another cash infusion? Or hot beef injection? Cuz they covered, or rather, un-covered this territory a while back.

The readers must have been motivated by the letter writer’s question:

Will I end up a lonely old lady who yells at her neighbors?

as this seems a likely fate for most of the Salon faithful. No clear-cut decision for waxing, as the discussion moved swiftly to the usual path of pedophilia, pro-European, anti-American, ageist, sexist, elitist, homophobic name-calling.