Tony Blair's Autobiography Gets Filed Under "Crime" Thanks To Facebook

Crime Books IconA new group on Facebook which calls on users to move Tony Blair’s new autobiography to the “Crime” section, has attracted thousands of members in hours. According to the Metro, “Bookshops have reported finding copies of A Journey moved to the crime section, as well as to the fantasy section.”

While the group, “Subversively move Tony Blair’s memoirs to the crime section in book shops“, is nearing 8,000 members, it appears that the movement has been large enough to already generate an impact. It’s not clear whether or not this campaign is limited to people who are in the U.K., however I’d imagine that’s where the majority of traction for this group is coming from.

Euan Booth, the creator of the group, told the Metro that the group was created as a non-violent act against “our generation’s greatest war criminal”. I’d imagine that he was limiting that claim to leaders within the United Kingdom. How big of a movement this will become is unknown, but it’s definitely interesting to see how Facebook has been used to begin this entertaining form of protest.

Will you be moving Tony Blair’s book to another section of the book store?