Tom Snyder: R.I.P.

Television legend (and former New Yorker) Tom Snyder has passed away. He was 71 and publicly announced in 2005 that he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Best known for his long-running show Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, his unique interviewing style made for some of the best television moments of the 1970s. A self proclaimed “standup philosopher,” one of the high points of his show was a 1979 interview with the rock band Kiss:

The most outrageous interview seen on Snyder’s show occurred on Halloween 1979, when the rock band KISS appeared to promote their album Dynasty. During that 25-minute “interview”, the conversation devolved into a somewhat chaotic exchange between Tom and a very drunk Ace Frehley, who picked up a teddy bear left behind by another guest, put the armbands from his costume on the bear, and laughed, “the only Spacebear in captivity! I’ve got him– he’s captured!”. When Tom asked Ace if his costume was that of some sort of spaceman Frehley quipped, “Actually I’m a plumber.” Snyder shot back, “If that’s the case then I’ve got some pipe you can work on backstage.” The inebriated Frehley clapped his hands and cackled hysterically at the exchange.

Snyder’s interviews will be missed. He is survived by daughter Anne Mari Snyder and two grandchildren.