TokenAds Launches Virtual Currency Platform Aimed at International App Users

As virtual currency monetization in social apps and games continues to grow both in the US and the world, the competition is getting more fierce by the month. Just last month, we were the first to cover SponsorPay’s emergence from stealth mode, as well as the relaunch of gWallet. Today, Tel-Aviv based TokenAds is revealing new details on its plans to build a virtual currency monetization platform for the first time.

Founded earlier this year by Chaya Saggot and Or Ben-Naftali, TokenAds has been focused on virtual currency monetization for social app and game users since it began. Today, the company has built a staff of 15 with a small round of funding, translated its solution into nine languages, and claims 2,700 campaigns in its network. Unlike other virtual currency platforms, TokenAds is focused on monetizing non-English speaking users in Latin America, Asia, and Europe above users in North America, the UK, and Australia.

“We’re putting our emphasis on expanding geographical coverage to all international markets,” founder Chaya Saggot tells us. “The goal is to provide users from all over the world with an enormous variety of familiar brand-name offers and locally translated descriptions. Advertisers are hand-picked to display brands which are well known to the end users [in the local markets where we operate].”

TokenAds got its start by monetizing Facebook applications, and the company says that social apps and games are still the majority of its business. However, like others in the space, TokenAds is expanding its network to include other online game developers.

Saggot says the company is working with dozens of advertisers and ad networks in a variety of countries to build a high quality offer network for international users. Traditionally, international audiences have been more challenging to monetize than North American users for a variety of reasons, including the challenges associated with product localization and building a network of advertisers in each country. Now, new virtual currency monetization companies are emerging to compete specifically in international markets. For example, SponsorPay and SupersonicAds are specifically focused on Europe, though North American companies like Offerpal, Super Rewards, AdParlor, Sometrics, Peanut Labs, Gambit, and TrialPay are increasingly localizing their service and building international advertiser relationships to compete in local markets.

Saggot says that so far, TokenAds has seen the most success with publishers who have a majority of users outside the United States. We’ll be tracking the company as the global virtual currency market on the Facebook Platform continues to expand in the months ahead.