Today’s Best PR Email Snafu

It’s not that uncommon for PRNewser to receive email pitches with typos, wrong headlines, track changes, mass CC’d lists that people meant to BCC, and other common mishaps.

However, an email from 5WPR today may take the cake. Unfortunately, a staffer sent out a blast pitch with the following headline:

Subject: Pls send thsi firm wide and to my whole roladex asap – also to the PR trade list on Y drive in media lists – pls do so asap – also pr newswire, etc

Of course, one can take a pretty good guess and assume that subject line was not for public consumption. The pitch was to announce the SAE Institute as a new 5WPR client, and it came from 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian.

Say what you will about 5WPR’s tactics, the agency does know how to get press.