Today Is Officially Day Against DRM

DRM is one of the most hotly debated topics in the eBook world–most publishers love it, or at least think it’s a necessity, and most readers hate it. Siding with the readers, the Free Software Foundation is sponsoring an official Day Against DRM today to sponsor activities that protest all forms of digital media rights restrictions.

Here’s more from the Foundation’s Website: “The Day Against DRM will unite a wide range of projects, public interest organizations, web sites and individuals in an effort to raise public awareness to the danger of technology that restricts users’ access to movies, music, literature and software; indeed, all forms of digital data. Many DRM schemes monitor a user’s activities and report what they see to the corporations that impose the DRM.”

So, grow your hair long today and take to the streets, or the tweets, and let the man know he can’t manage your digital rights!