Today in Irony: Winner of Breaking Bad Contest Busted for Drugs

breaking_badBreaking Bad is unquestionably one of the best written shows in TV history.

It’s also, many say, one of the most influential. Of course, you have the occasional hack hater who believes the outrageous exploits of White and Pinkman served to promote meth use in this country, but the fact remains: people are going to smoke up if they fancy such a thing. They might even sell because, you know, the economy.

But this story from Newser tops all of the ironic, art-imitating-life stories about this drama in the history of ever. Oh, how AMC Networks must be proud to hear about this.

Meet Ryan Lee Carroll.

He was a huge Breaking Bad fan. He loved the show so much that he entered to win tickets to watch the filming of the monumental series finale. He won, met the cast, watched the show and became a Walt acolyte forevermore. Oddly enough, the dude even has a Jesse Pinkman look to him, as seen in his recent mug shot.

Why a mug shot? He was arrested on drug charges yesterday in Naples, Fla. I know, right?!

In fact, Carroll, 28, was booked on two felonies and one misdemeanor for the possession of a synthetic narcotic, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (felonies) and keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs (misdemeanor). You get that? A “synthetic narcotic?”

Meth, perhaps? Hmmmm…

Two other men appear to have been arrested on related charges. “You knew something was up” at Carroll’s home, says a neighbor. “They either had a very successful business, or they were up to something they shouldn’t be. Every day, FedEx deliveries.” Adds another neighbor, “It’s just kind of mind-boggling to think stuff like that can happen right next to you.”

Yeah, that’s what they said in New Mexico too. Ask Carroll. He can probably quote it for you.