Today: Google’s Take Action Initiative Hosts a Google+ Hangout

Google’s “Take Action” site is a fledgling activist empowerment site that helps people connect with one another to support or start movements.  Specifically, the Take Action site asks users to “start something” by telling the story of how the Internet empowers you to achieve your goals.  The site doesn’t just emphasize Google+, but does encourage users to use the #ourweb hashtag to share their story.  To further enhance their outreach, the Take Action team will be hosting a Google+ Hangout on Monday at 2pm EST.

The Hangout will involve a few innovative users of the web, including Shay Carl, a popular video blogger who tells the wacky story of his life as a new father.  The list of speakers is given at the site, so to sign up for the Hangout and head over to the official site and enter your email address.  Google also gives you the option to keep up on Internet legislation and initiatives, which underscores the site’s purpose to help you protect a free Internet.

Hangouts like these are starting to become more prominent, and perhaps it won’t be long until a “Hangout” is part of the everyday web parlance.  Certainly it’s one of Google+’s standout features and they’re advertising it well, having had guests ranging from The President of the United States to the UN Secretary General.


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