Todacell Launches Todaself Mobile Advertising Solution

TodaselfMobile ad network Todacell has announced the release of Todaself, its self-service mobile advertising solution. Launching out of private beta this week, the platform allows any developer or advertiser to start running their mobile ad campaigns within a matter of minutes, optimizing these campaigns using both basic mobile and external data sources. Using Todaself, developers, marketers and other individuals can reach more than 250 million global users via Todacell’s multi-national mobile ad network.

Instead of focusing solely on things like location, time and device data, the Todacell platform also takes into account non-mobile data sources including socio-geographic and economic data, as examples.

“Todaself is the first self-service mobile ad solution to integrate advanced mobile campaign optimization technology into a self-serve solution, providing developers, advertisers and agencies control, convenience and most important, performance,” said Amir Goldstein, CEO of Todacell, in a statement.

Previously, Todacell’s data scientists used their platform’s in-depth data to identify a relationship between a country’s GDP per capita and the performance of mobile ads in relation to the colors used in each ad. Specifically, ads with bright, multi-colored images were shown to perform better in lower GDP per capita counties, including Kenya, India, Burma and Nicaragua, but worse in higher GDP per capita countries, such as US, Denmark, Qatar and Singapore (as one example).

More information on the Todaself platform is available here.