Tip'd Brings a Digg-Like Social Bookmarking Tool to the Financial World

There are many startups and web service which tried to emulate Digg’s structure, platform and overall form but many failed while some succeed to live another day until such time that users finally realize that they need to go back to using Digg. Tip’d which describes itself as a community for financial news, ideas and tips is taking the Digg concept to the troubled financial world. Knowing how the financial industry has been behaving lately, Tip’d might just pull one off in this wide world of social media industry.

Operating on a social media platform, Tip’d users can vote on stories that they like just by clicking a “tip it” button, similar to Digg. The more votes a story gets, the higher it goes up into to Tip’d news streams. Additionally, users can also discuss the Tip’d stories using the “Discuss” link below the story.

Tip’d’s news streams are categorized into categories that matters in the financial world namely; Commodities, Economy, Green, Private Equity and VC, Stocks, Currencies, Funds and ETFs, Real Estate and Tech. Users can use this to categorize their voted stories for a better way of finding them.

Likewise, you can also view news stories either by clicking on the “Published News” or “Upcoming News” Tabs. So that makes it easier to navigate through the Tip’d site’s contents.

Generally Tip’d looks pretty simple and a straightforward social bookmarking/news aggregator catering to a specific niche which is finance. It’s success would depend on how viral its services become and how it will take advantage of the current financial crunch happening worldwide right now. After all this financial woes are over, and if Tip’d manages to get through, it could become a premiere destination for user-submitted links to relevant financial news items.

And that’s something that Tip’d should look into in the long run.