TinyCo launches social word game Guess!

Mobile developer TinyCo Inc. today launched its new social word game, Guess!

Guess! is a turn-based multiplayer title that seems based on rules from Hasbro’s popular word game Taboo. Players choose a word for their friends to guess and provide a 160-character clue to help them figure the word out. While they can provide a clue, players are prohibited from using certain terms in the hint to make it too easy. An example of this is how if the word is “satellite,” then terms like “orbit,” “Sputnik” and “NASA” are off-limits. Correctly guessing a word earns coins, which can be used to buy powerups like “peeks” (which reveal a letter in the word).

The game’s social features take full advantage of Facebook and Twitter in order to get players’ friends playing. Whenever a hint is made, it can be shared on a users’s Facebook Timeline or via Twitter, where players can comment directly and try to guess the word. Guess! also an in-game text messaging system.

Guess! is the first word game from TinyCo, which has produced hits like Tiny Chef and Tap Resort Party. The developer follows other groups like PeopleFun to jump on the word game bandwagon while putting a unique spin on the gameplay mechanics. Typically, word games have emulated Zynga’s massively-popular Words With Friends and its Scrabble-based gameplay; now, though, it looks like Taboo’s system is coming to mobile platforms between titles like Guess! and AOL’s Clucks.

At the moment, Guess! is available for iOS but TinyCo says the game will be on Android soon.