Tina Brown: “Ben Franklin Would Have Been a Passionate Blogger”

“Maybe the newspaper will live and maybe it won’t, but the question is where is the journalism going to go?”
That was one of the questions raised by TheDailyBeast.com founder Tina Brown today during the IFC Media Project panel at the Paley Center of Media. Also featured, Peggy Noonan, who appreciates the new media landscape. “There is a broad wasteland of banality out there, but there is more variety than there was when I was a kid and I love it,” she said.
And bridging new and old school, Brown thinks “Ben Franklin would have been a passionate blogger.”
Below, Noonan describes why reporting for “PeggyNoonan.com” may not get desired results, and after the jump, former Bush administration press secretary Ari Fleischer on why the Web is beginning to compete with the “front page”:

Click continued to see Fleischer’s “front page” vs. Web theory (and the rest of the panel’s response)…