At Times, L’Oréal Is Getting 90% Video Ad View Rates

Mediabong helps cosmetics brand while picking up funding

L'Oréal has evidently found a video advertising vendor in Mediabong it's very high on.

Mediabong—which is announcing a $5 million Series B round of funding today—said it achieved a 90 percent "video-through rate" for L'Oréal in a recent five-week ad campaign across various publishers. Video-through rate (VTR) measures the number of pre-roll video ad impressions served divided by the promos viewed in 100 percent of the video player for half the spot, per the Paris-based company.

The cosmetic player's effort delivered well beyond the industry norm. When it comes to chargeable impressions, the Media Ratings Council's video viewability standards call for branded spots to be watched for two seconds and in cases where only half the video player is viewable in the browser.

"Anything less than that, then we don't charge," said Mediabong COO Priyesh Patel, referring to the MRC's mandate, which is backed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

What's more, Patel said L'Oréal achieved a 12 percent clickthrough rate for its 30-second promos starring actress Andie MacDowell who pitched women's hair-care products. 

This is how Mediabong's system, SyncRoll, works: First of all, it boasts semantic targeting that's designed to serve viewers ads with products they'll be interested in. Secondly, the ad unit floats with the viewers while they scroll pages, keeping a brand in front of them. While this may sound potentially annoying, early tests on consumers have gone well.

"We help publishers with their monetization strategies," noted Mediabong CEO Laurent Bury.

Mediabong operated in a handful of European countries for three years before launching in the U.S. in late 2014. It's working with publishers like Newsweek, CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg Media, AFP and Associated Press while attracting brands like Chanel, Land Rover and Unilever—in addition to L'Oréal—as clients.

Entrepreneur Venture and Conegliano Venture, two European funds, led the aforementioned investment round.

Meanwhile, Mediabong competitors TubeMogul and Invodo are also attempting to tackle viewability, which continues to be a hot topic in digital advertising.

Just last week, Google released a report that said 53 percent of video ads are considered viewable on desktop and 83 percent on mobile. And on May 7, the MRC and IAB revealed temporary viewability standards for mobile advertising.

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