Time Warner TWCable TV iPad App Gets its Own Site: IWantMyTWCableTVApp.com

There’s one iPad app that I really want to try but cannot because its service is not available in my area of the U.S.: It is Time Warner’s new TWCable TV for iPad app.

Why TWCable TV for iPad Did Not Work for Me: Service Not Available in My Area. Also: iPad App Channel Lineup

After a somewhat shaky start with confusion about where service is available and then TWCable TV’s servers being overwhelmed, Time Warner is keeping the momentum going by creating a new site to provide more information about the app and its service.

Television Is Melting and I Want My TWCable TV App

You can find Time Warner’s site for the TWCable TV app at:


The app provides a frequently asked questions page (Behind the Scenes), a page to write comments about the app and service (Join the Discussion), and a page to read other people’s comments (What You’Re Saying).