Time To Revamp DHS Background Checks?

So yesterday we are asking about disgraced DHS spokesperson Brian Doyle and his history at Time Magazine. Today Spencer Hsu has some more details, which call into question just how well Homeland Security is screening its own employees:

“The Department of Homeland Security official arrested Tuesday on charges of seducing a minor over the Internet faced disciplinary action at his previous workplace, Time magazine’s Washington bureau, for misusing company equipment to download pornography, friends and former colleagues said. Federal officials would not say whether the incident came to the attention of federal investigators who conducted a background check in 2004 on Brian J. Doyle, 55,” Hsu reports.

“Three people said in separate interviews that, between 1999 and 2001, Doyle viewed pornography on Time’s computers, was caught and faced discipline, and that bureau colleagues circulated a petition or letter in his defense.”

Doyle worked at Time from 1975 to 2001 before taking a voluntary early-retirement package, Time spokesman Ty Trippet told Hsu. Other Time execs wouldn’t comment.