Time Inc.’s SILatino Folds

SILatino is the latest Time Inc. title to be put on ice as the company, like other publishers, scrambles to realign its magazine portfolio amid the economic debacle.
A company rep said Sports Illustrated’s Spanish-language spinoff would be placed on hiatus after the December issue. The title was mostly produced and sold by existing SI staff, although one business-side person devoted to the title was let go as a result.
“The product was outstanding,” the rep said. “The major culprit here was the auto industry. We fully plan to bring it back when the economy turns around.”
Launched in 2005, SILatino had a controlled circ of 500,000 and claimed 2 million readers. In addition to profiles of Hispanic athletes, it published swimsuit and sportsman of the year issues.
Earlier this week, Time Inc. shut down shelter book Cottage Living and began layoffs that are expected to total around 600, or 6 percent of the company.