Time For A New Slate

When we quoted Time’s John Dickerson today, we didn’t realize it was the last time we’d write such a thing. Turns out that he’s departing from Time to become Slate’s chief political correspondent, joining what is perhaps D.C.’s pound-for-pound most talented bureau (and no, we’re not calling Jack Shafer “fat”).

The press release, hot off the press of new Slate owners the Washington Post Company, quotes Slate EIC Jake Weisberg: “Like a lot of people, we’ve been following John Dickerson’s skillful and increasingly influential reporting on the world of politics in general, and the Bush Administration in particular. We’re happy that he’ll he bringing his unique voice to Slate.”

Dickerson is wrapping up a book project and will show up at the M Street bureau in September. He’s writing about his complex relationship with CBS’ first female correspondent–who also happens to be his mother.