Time Columnist Leaves For Harvard Business Review

105_jmickle.jpgIt’s the end of the year, which is the perfect time to switch jobs anyway, since there’s not all that much work to be done between Christmas and New Years (unless you work in the party-planning business, in which case, tough break. You get all of March through June to slack off).

So it’s no surprise that we’re starting to hear more rumors of editors and writers leaving their positions to extend their two week break before beginning their new jobs. Like Justin Fox, Time magazine’s business and economics columnist (he wrote the Curious Capitalist blog) and editor at large, who will be taking up his new position as editorial director of the Harvard Business Review Group come January. Before coming to Time, Fox worked at Fortune for over a decade. Ironically, Fox graduated from Princeton.

Fox joins another former Time staffer, ex-deputy managing editor Adi Ignatius, at HBR. Ignatius, who is currently HBR‘s editor-in-chief, left Time in January 2008 to move “on to other challenges.”

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Harvard Business Review (www.hbr.org) announced today that Justin Fox, an editor at large and business and economics columnist at Time magazine, will be joining the HBR Group as its Editorial Director, a newly created position.

Harvard Business Review Editor in Chief Adi Ignatius said: “Justin is a great thinker and writer, and he brings a remarkable depth of understanding of the business and economic landscape. With his expertise, we’ll be better positioned to identify and develop the kind of important and practical business ideas that our global readers look to us for. He’s also an accomplished blogger, and his lively writing and wit will be a great addition to the newly relaunched www.hbr.org.”

As Editorial Director, Fox will be responsible for ensuring that HBR identifies leading-edge content in key topic areas across all of HBR’s publishing platforms, including the magazine, the website, and books. He will be a key member of the editorial leadership team of the HBR Group, working closely with Ignatius and senior editors.

At Time, Fox has written a weekly column and occasional longer articles for the magazine, and penned the Curious Capitalist blog, named one of the top 25 economics blogs this year by the Wall Street Journal. Before joining Time in 2007, he worked for more than a decade at Fortune, where he served as the magazine’s London-based Europe editor, did several tours of duty as editor of the front-of-the-book ‘First’ section, and wrote dozens of major feature stories. He has also been a staff writer at the American Banker, the Birmingham News, and the (Tulare, Calif.) Advance-Register.

He is the author of the best-selling 2009 book, “The Myth of the Rational Market: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street.”

He is a graduate of Princeton University and is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.