Drew Grant

Leno’s New Promo | O’Reilly Defends Obama | New Media Guidelines | Gawker’s Cold Embrace | Ad Money Returns | The Bieber Experience

• The Atlantic: You know shit is about to get real when Bill O’Reilly starts chastising the CPAC for being too mean to Obama. • PRNewser: Social media campaigns and […]

Si Newhouse’s Secret Tattle Tales

Condé Nast’s anti-fraud hotline is actually working, as it turns out. Although Si Newhouse wouldn’t point any fingers to the actual press, Keith Kelly reports today that a Wired employee […]

Tribune Co. Awards $25k For Employee’s Good Idea

Well see, this is why the company can’t get out of bankruptcy (just kidding!): Tribune Co.’s paper The Sun Sentinel just handed $25,000 and a free Caribbean cruise to Bob […]

New York Times Publishes Second Paterson Profile

They almost had us there for a second: When The New York Times ran a second feature about David Paterson yesterday, we thought for a second that this could be […]

Golf Writers Boycott Tiger Woods Conference

Feeling snubbed by Tiger Woods’ camp, the Golf Writers Association of America didn’t attend the PGA legend’s first public conference since the news hit about Woods’ affairs. “To limit the […]

Fishbowl Newstand: Your Morning At A Glance

Winter Olympic Winners Icy With Press | National Enquirer Gets Legit | Toobin In Trouble | Buzzed to Death

• Olympic Gold Medal speedskater Sven Kramer get grumpy with reporters. • Huffington Post: Who would have seen this day coming? The National Enquirer is up for a Pulitzer Prize […]

Essence Names New Director Of Fashion

Essence Communications Inc. has gotten itself a good deal in its latest hire: Celeste Harwell, who has done directorial sales work for The New York Times, Marie Claire, and TRACE […]

From News Corp. To Time Warner: Gary Ginsberg’s Got A New Gig

That would be speculation from The New York Post (update: just confirmed by The New York Times), which announced that former EVP of global marketing and affairs for Rupert Murdoch’s […]

NBC Might Not Be On Top Of The Olympics…But The New York Times Is

While the debate rages on to why NBC is refusing to air any of its Winter Olympic coverage in real time, The New York Times wants you to know that […]