Thummit Tracks Twitter Inaugural Tweets

Thummit, the real-time Twitter event tracker, has set up a dedicated page to follow tomorrow’s inauguration. Seeing as Twitter has proven to be a good way to share information about a given event, as well as offer the world real-time updates pertaining to a particular event, the concept behind Thummit’s tracking service seems to make a lot of sense.

Tomorrow will be one of the biggest events of 2009, so it’s no wonder Thummit is looking to get a little buzz going. You see, Thummit is currently in private beta, but the company is taking full advantage of the inauguration to show off what its tracking service can do.

Not restricted to just Twitter updates, Thummit reels in mobile updates directly from its users so that it can sustain its own database independent of the popular mobile platform. From there, anyone viewing the real-time updates can rate it with thumbs up/down/sideways actions. With each rating you can also include a comment, which is restricted to 140 characters (remember Thummit’s mobile and Twitter angle here). From the looks of it, a comment is required in order for your vote to count, which adds context to all ratings but may dissuade some from participating.

You don’t need to be a registered member in order to rate an event for Thummit’s Inaugural tracking page, which is how the company is getting around the private beta status without having to allow more users to register for the service. What’s missing from Thummit’s InauguRate page, however, is easily filtered results for events that have already been rated. This may be due to the lack of ratings, as the special events page is brand new.

But as Thummit is also a recommendation system for mobile and Twitter content, aggregating event commentary, restaurant reviews and more, it would be nice to see how Thummit’s analysis, search and filter options stack up, especially for a week such as this.

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