Thrutu Aims To Make Phone Calls More Social

Image courtesy of Thrutu

It would seem as though the title of this post is an oxymoron if there ever was one, what can be more social than a phone conversation? What if you could send pictures to the person you were talking to during your conversation?

Thrutu is an app available for Android and iOS smartphones that enhances the phone app on both platforms. It requires that both parties of the conversation have the Thrutu app on their phone, but it does communicate across platform. Thrutu adds a pop-up menu of five buttons that you can tap to send information to the other party on the call.

You can send your GPS coordinates to be displayed on a map, showing the other party your location, take a picture and send it to the other party, send contact information from the address book on your phone, send a picture from a photo album on your phone, and cause the other party’s phone to vibrate. It’s clear from Thrutu’s web site that they intend to add many more features to their app, for example you can download a plug-in to send money to the other party via PayPal.

While the service is available for the two most popular platforms, a significant limitation is that it requires the ability to maintain a data connection at the same time as you are on a phone conversation. You will not be able to use Thrutu on Sprint or Verizon’s 3G data networks, because their CDMA technology does not allow voice and data communication at the same time. The GSM technology that AT&T and T-Mobile use does support simultaneous voice and data, and the app will always work if your phone has a WiFi connection to the Internet.

Thrutu is available for free in both the Android Market and the iTunes App Store.