Thrillist Turns Three, Celebrates With Longest Line in Night Club History

[“Axe-man” makes friends. Photo courtesy Nick McGlynn,]

Ok, so it probably wasn’t the longest line in night club history, but lets just say this: if one thing was made clear from last night’s Thrillist Third Anniversary party, it’s that not many people plan on working today. Judging from tequila shot consumption, among other metrics, we feel safe making that prediction.

PRNewser showed up a bit late from the AgencySpy party, and noticed there was a clear advertising / media divide on the line outside the club. This was cemented after we introduced ourselves as a blogger to one of the Thrillist reps, only to have her respond, “I’m sorry, I have to get all of my advertising clients in first.” Oof. She could’ve just stuck with a “I’m doing my best” kind of line. No worries, quite possibly our favorite publicist in New York, Thrillist’s Director of Communications Flavie Bagnol emerged shortly thereafter, immediately ushering us into the party.

In attendance were many of the reporters you’d expect to see at a downtown media soiree: HuffPo editor turned Abrams Research consultant Rachel Sklar, CNET’s Caroline McCarthy, Clusterstock’s John Carney and our own FishbowlNY’s Glynnis MacNicol.

A few PR “lessons” from the party: First, don’t make out with someone in a very public place then proclaim to a photographer, “please don’t take our picture, we’re really not supposed to be together.” Second, if you’re sponsoring a party, go for some sort of “experiential” display as was done with Axe body spray. They had a chocolate “Axe man” who roamed the party handing out chocolate cakes. It seems he received more attention than the ads projected on the club walls. Third, and this should go without saying, guys, never make any kind of crude reference to a woman you don’t know very well, they will pour a drink on your head, as this PRNewser witnessed towards the end of the night.

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