Thrillist Invites Us to Party, We Ask: How Can We Pitch You?

[John Wiseman, Thrillist Director of Marketing, Paul Magyar, Thrillist East Coast Sales Manager, and Ben Lerer, Thrillist Founder, image courtesy MediaPost]

Thrillist partnered with Showtime Tuesday night for a big bash at possibly the largest private residence in Manhattan that we’ve had the pleasure of gracing with our presence. Lots of the usual suspects were there.

Kudos to Thrillist Director of Communications Flavie Bagnol, who worked the crowd well, managed to even produce a line outside for a majority of the event (the true sign of a successful party) and even got some gullible bloggers to pick up a few of her items in their recaps.

Bagnol mentioned that PR pros often think of going to the press with their story, but not always to popular email lists like Thrillist. So naturally we asked, what can PR people pitch that might actually be worthwhile? How can we work with them?

Bagnol stated the basics, “Know who we are,” adding that with over 500k subscribers they mainly focus on “the best in food, drinks, services, gadgets, gear, sports and travel.” However, Bagnol says, “PR people are really welcomed to pitch us but they should read our material before sending non related pitches. We also love to the be the first one to know about a new product, restaurant, services. PR organizations should feel free to ask for more information before pitching! We will direct them to the right editor.”

Thrillist co-founder Adam Rich, who oversees all Thrillist content chimed in, reminding us not to overdue it: “When a publicist sends us 30 pitches about some celebrity posting something on Myspace for every one or two about something we’d actually cover, my guys stop paying attention to their emails.”

Well then, we asked, what’s an example of a pitch that actually made it into Thrillist? Rich says this item on the Arawak Inn, because, “they did a great job tying the pitch in with the economic downturn and took the time to suggest what the value of the offer would be for one of our readers.”

Despite all of the advice, don’t be surprised that you’re still up against a lot of competition. Says Rich, “As an organization we receive several hundred pitches each day.”