Three Takeaways from Ogilvy PR’s Media Mixer

Last night, Ogilvy PR’s Media Influence group held its second MediaXchange mixer, a small gathering of media folks and members of the Ogilvy team at Club A Steakhouse in Midtown. The steakhouse is significant not only because the food was good and the space was just the right size for a cocktail party, but because it’s outfitted with wine-colored fabric on the ceiling and large stalks of bamboo.

According to Jennifer Risi, EVP of the group, the first MediaXchange event was a success in part because a media placement actually resulted from it.

The firm had been working with Barnard College on President Obama’s commencement address. Members of Morning Joe’s MSNBC team were at the last event, talk ensued, and college president Deborah Spar ended up on the program talking to Mika Brzezinski.

So there’s another example of why meeting media types in person can help you pitch your story. There were three other takeaways worth sharing.

  1. “Traditional media is not dying,” said Risi. This doesn’t diminish the importance of digital and social media, but maintaining and building relationships with members of traditional media is also important. “We can’t lose sight of that,” she said.
  2. We asked Matt Tuthill, senior editor of Muscle & Fitness what you can do to get fit for summer this late in the game. After making a face that clearly expressed the unlikelihood that one could get their ultimate beach body at this point, he simply said, “No carbs.” So good luck with that. (And yes, he does work out. A lot by the looks of it.)
  3. Not all variations on the “infused vodka” trend are good. Seriously, this exists. And while I’ll stick with a dirty martini — extra olives please — others may want to get more adventurous. Marcy Franklin, who covers cocktails at The Daily Meal, gives high praise to fruity vodkas. If you like tequila, add jalapeños. “It’s not as spicy as you would think,” she commented.

Here are a couple of snapshots from the event.

Left to right: Jennifer Risi, EVP, director of content creation, Ogilvy PR; Heather Jones, integrated marketing, Disney ABC Television Group; Kimberly Ryan, Media Influence, Ogilvy PR; Dana Pasciuto, manager, partnerships and promotions, Disney ABC Television Group; Kari Schak, manager, integrated marketing, ABC Television Network; Sandra Szahun, VP of partnerships, Disney ABC Television Group

Left to right: Tara Mullins, Media Influence, Ogilvy PR; Mercy Franklin, associate editor, The Daily Meal; Jeanine Poggi, reporter at Ad Age; Tania Karas, reporter with SmartMoney