Thomson Reuters Launches Largest-Ever Campaign for Eikon

Thomson Reuters has launched its largest-ever marketing campaign for Eikon. The company’s flagship offering, it brings Thomson Reuters’ products and content together in one place and incorporates social media features, like the ability to chat online.

“You had a lot of disparate businesses that needed to come together on both the back-end and the front-end,” Jolie Hunt, global head of PR for Thomson Reuters Markets told PRNewser. “It’s one point of entry for our customers to gather our information.”

UK-based Hunt joined the company shortly after the merger in 2008. She said this is the first time that an announcement has been posted in seven languages (Japanese, Russian, and Italian among them); the outreach for Thomson Reuters Eikon spans 14 countries and is done largely in-house. The PR effort is focused on media relations with 60 story placements in 16 countries earned since last Tuesday, including the Financial Times. International events are beginning to take place as well, Hunt said.

Financial professionals are notoriously cautious about using social media, and Hunt says the incorporation and use of social media and mobile elements in the Eikon product does mark a sea change for financial professionals. Still, she notes that the service is a closed circuit that complies with all government regulations.

“It’s about giving people the tools to communicate in the ways they’re used to either in their work or home life,” she said.