This Week In Viral Videos – July 9, 2010

Thank goodness it’s Friday, not only because the weekend is here, but because we’ve got a great selection of the top viral videos of the week ready for you! This week’s top videos are laugh-inducing to the max, including an amazing ninja cat clip, dancing Israeli soldiers, one of the best auto-tune video remixes of all time, a hilarious wedding fail and finally – the destruction of the horrible Vuvuzela! Check out the videos after the jump and get ready to chuckle.

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

This first video is a two-parter – an original clip and a remix. If you aren’t one of the 2 million plus viewers that have already watched YouTube user Paul Vasquez AKA Hungrybear9562‘s double rainbow discovery it is an absolute must. In an interview with CBS, Vasquez revealed that he uploaded the video last January, but it only began going viral this past weekend.

Days after the double rainbow discovery clip began going viral, remixes began hitting YouTube. The most popular of these remixes, an auto-tune ‘Double Rainbow Song’ has garnered over 744,000 views so far. Check it out below.

Wedding Photography Fail

Uploaded just two days ago and already about to hit 1 million views, this may be the best wedding fail clip we’ve ever seen. A wedding photographer, taking pictures of the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle, has a little mishap with a fountain. I hope all the wedding pictures were alright!

The Super Fast Cat Attacks – Ninja Cat

Remember the ninja cat that comes closer while not moving? Well he has finally met his match in the super fast cat! This video, which was uploaded at the end of June but started going viral over the past week, has 1.1 million views so far.

Israeli Soldiers Rock The Casbah In Hebron

This week one of the biggest news stories in viral video was a clip uploaded to YouTube of Israeli soldiers dancing to Ke$ha in the streets of Hebron. The video, which has over 2 million views so far on YouTube, was taken down after the media began trying to contact the IDF. However, the video is back up now and continuing to rack in the views. A couple of the soldiers dancing in the video are being punished with the task of making an educational anti-dancing video, to ensure that similar incidents don’t happen in the future.

Will It Blend? – Vuvuzela World Cup 2010

In the latest ‘Will It Blend?’ video, Blendtec blends a Vuvuzela. Apparently, the most-requested thing for Blendtec to blend during the World Cup has been the Vuvuzela. Now that the Vuvuzela is blended we can look forward to a little peace and quiet.