This Week In Facebook – January 31, 2009

This past week has been a relatively slow one news-wise for Facebook. While there were a number of privacy related issues, there weren’t any significant product launches or other major announcements from Facebook. Much of the tech world was abuzz about the new Apple iPad, but we were still covering the latest Facebook news as usual!

Facebook Previews Apps And Games Dashboard Before Privacy Flaw Is Found

Facebook gave developers (and other users) a preview of the upcoming application and games dashboard, something that many developers have been anticipating. Unfortunately, some developers noticed a significant privacy loophole which causes all users’ application interactions to become public. Facebook will most likely be forced to redesign the dashboard all together so we are awaiting an update on the new dashboard.

Report Suggests Facebook Is The Biggest Mobile Social Network Globally

A report from Opera last week highlighted the ongoing trend that Facebook’s primary competition is now Google, even when it comes to social networks abroad based on mobile usage. Facebook continues to post impressive growth rates and when it comes to mobile access, Facebook tends to be the most dominant player.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Opens New Facebook Investigation

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, the one who previously made an agreement with Facebook that resulted in privacy changes, have announced a new investigation related to Facebook’s highly debated privacy transition tool. In addition to an investigation from the FTC, Facebook’s new privacy settings are under attack from international privacy advocates.

Scam Facebook Groups Continue To Proliferate

Just last week we wrote about scam Facebook groups which mislead users into completing offers (sound familiar?). While Facebook continues to shut down these groups, there’s no shortage of scam groups that continue to be created based on the emails that continue to show up in our inbox.

Facebook Translates Toolbar And Open Sources It

The only Facebook product launch this week was the translated version of the Facebook toolbar. More important to developers was that Facebook also open-sourced the toolbar, useful for those companies that wish to build a toolbar of their own.

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