This Week in Consumer Web — 5 Ridiculous Turkey Items Online

This week everyone and their mother is a consumer: eating food, shopping for deals, shopping online. There is a lot of pride to be had for Thanksgiving and the consumer web experience does not let us down...

This week everyone and their mother (literally) is a consumer, whether it is standing in a cold line outside to get a deal on electronics or figuring out how to plan grocery shopping for next week when the frig is filled with an abundance of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that are way too dry and will require ample amounts of gravy that is incredibly bad for you. Everyone this week is consuming and what can be found online is mind blowing. So while your tummy rests from abuse, think about these 5 nifty Turkey items to buy online:

1. Turkey Earrings

A solid tribute to the nation’s unofficial bird can be found on the commerce site Etsy, these beauties are $18.50 and include Swarovski crystals. They’re also ceramic and probably polluted several water areas in the making. But cute no less.

2. Kids’ Turkey Costume

For only $40.00 you can get a realistic kids’ costume that mimics a turkey. It is even on sale, originally priced at $87.99 this deluxe pile of felt comes in childrens’ sizes 7-10 and is in-stock (no pun).

3. Turkey Napkin Holder (toilet paper roll)

Keeping the family on a budget is crucial which is why some sites offer tips for crafts online that require minimal resources. This turkey napkin holder is suggested for children 5 years and older and can be made in 20 minutes or less, assuming of course plenty of toilet paper has been used in the meantime.

4. Turkey Hat

As if the turkey on the table wasn’t enough, you can show your love with this iconic hat. Priced at $15.99 this lovely head ornament also includes a secret pocket with a fortune.

5. Turkey Hood Decor!

By far this year’s online winner is the Turkey hood decoration, found online by this Michigan blog. While unable to be found online and origins unknown, this character embodies consumer sentiment towards turkeys.

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