This Old Social Media.

I used to think building a social media profile was like building a house. First you started with a strong foundation that is your real world identity and then began to upon build it using social tools. I saw the social media world like an urban development project with homes springing up everywhere.

Now however my perception has changed. I see the social projects more like a home renovation project; with large bearded men looking for ways to improve what is already there. The tools used in social media can help revitalizes your current life style, but they can never be used to create a new one for you.

Think about it like this. What happens if you create a brand new profile of yourself using social media? You make your profile look great and fill it with nonsense that is not true in essence making a fake profile that is easily spotted as a fake.

I have seen enough 80’s movies to know this method will not work. People will soon see your profile as the fake it is and abandon you to net alone and cold crying in your new pink dress (sorry).

Now think about yourself as a renovation project. Using social media tools you can enhance your existing life by connecting with real people and highlighting your real attributes. By using social media to showcase your real life characteristic you can be assured that you will make some strong connections.

Sure it isn’t as exciting as telling the world you are a super model from Papa New Guinea, but it is better than having to lie constantly. The same is true for businesses and their use of social media.

Don’t expect social media to change your business’ identity or be a quick fix solution to all your marketing problems. Instead try to use social media to enhance your business’ identity or online presence. Be honest with the media you create and allow the public to form its own opinion.

While I am no Bob Villa, I am certain that with the right guidance anyone can renovate their current identity using the tools of social media. Am I wrong, do you think that trying to fix up your personal appearance using social media is impossible? Let me know.