THIS JUST IN: NBC News Pays for Matt Lauer’s What?!

THIS JUST IN 2It is no secret that today’s national “morning show” hosts make a very fine living.

Sure, they get benefits of modeling clothes, makeup, and shoes, so it’s not like they are paying for that stuff. Then, they are given a seven- or eight-figure income to look beautiful, act common, and fake sincerity during stories, as in “And our prayers go out to you and yours.”

As if they are genuflecting in mass or mosque for your mom because of a tweet you sent their way.

These facts notwithstanding, the people at NBC News have waaaaaay too much residual money on their hands. Cases in point: Chelsea Clinton and Matt Lauer.

Oy Vey!

Earlier this year, we reported that journalist stalwart Chelsea Clinton was pulling in $600,000 a month because she gets the hard-hitting news with people like her mom, and…well, that’s about it. And after three years, she left NBC News.

That report cost NBC News some precious PR points, because it’s not her hire really boosted their ratings.

And now, we have this report from Page Six of the New York PostMatt Lauer’s contract of $20 million a year isn’t enough for the guy, so the peacock flies him into work from The Hamptons via helicopter three times each week.matt lauer helicopter In a story of the rich getting richer, Lauer takes the flights “so he can spend more time with his family in The Hamptons.”

For those keeping score at home, a round-trip chopper ride from Manhattan to The Hamptons will run you about $1300.

An NBC source told Page Six: ‘NBC News chiefs want to do everything to keep Matt happy. They believe ”Today” has turned a corner and he is the key to its continuing success. They agreed to pay for his helicopter flights to the Hamptons and back, so he can spend more time with his family.’

The source alleged that Lauer could be flying to and from the Hamptons up to three times a week from Manhattan heliports.

Let’s all hold a warm thought for Lauer as he struggles to make ends meet in 2014.