Think you’re a Movie Guru? Tweet your Oscar Predictions and see how you Stack Up

Are you always recommending movies to your friends that later become Oscar nominees? Do you find yourself scoffing at some of the Hollywood summer blockbusters, and instead opting to watch indie flicks? If you’ve got a nose for cinematic masterpieces, you can make your Oscar predictions public using the Tweet Your Predictions app – for bragging rights on Monday, of course.

Tweet Your Predictions let’s you select the films, actors, actressed, directors and more you think will get a nod from the Academy this February 27th.

You simply sign in with Twitter, and click on the film poster/icon you think will win in each category. The app also includes a link to the IMDB information about each film, so you can make your predictions fully armed with knowledge.

After you’ve made your selections for the major and minor categories, you can tweet your predictions to your followers.

And once you’ve submitted your prediction, you can check out the stats to see how the other Tweet Your Predictions users voted. As of press time, Inception and The King’s Speech were duking it out, with 26.5% and 28% of the votes respectively.

This is quite a stylish little web application, and it’s a fun way to get amped up for the Oscars this Sunday. And it will be especially interesting to see how Twitter’s votes stack up to the Academy’s votes on Sunday night when all is said and done.