ThingLink Integrates With Facebook

Publishers and brands can use popular tool suite to bolster interaction via Timeline

Publishers and advertisers can now make their content on Facebook more interactive—and that much more shareable.

A startup called ThingLink, which has garnered a lot of buzz as the Web becomes ever more visual and social, has integrated its technology with Facebook’s Timeline. Web editors or brand managers can use ThingLink’s tools to make images more interactive by embedding links, annotations, videos and even sharing and purchase functionality.

Now they can do the same with images shared in Facebook Timeline, letting users do more with photos without leaving the social networking site.

The bet is that users will be more inclined to share these souped-up images. ThingLink provides its users with rich analytics so sites and brands can track interaction rates and sharing data.

The company generally charges a flat CPM, in the $5 range. To date, ThingLink has partnerships with over 125,000 publishers, including Forbes and CBS. It’s also worked directly with agencies like Digitas and advertisers such as Giorgio Armani.

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