These Augmented Reality Glasses Makes Star Trek’s Holodeck a Reality

If you’re ever dreamt of experiencing a Holodeck, then you’ve been waiting for this day. More precisely, you’ve been waiting for these CastAR Augmented Reality Glasses that brings sci-fi holographic projections to life.

Here’s how it works:

CastAR’s projected augmented reality system is comprised of two main components: a pair of glasses and a surface. The frames of the glasses contain two micro-projectors—one for each eye. Each projector casts a perspective view of a stereoscopic 3D image onto the surface. Your eyes focus on this projected image at a very natural and comfortable viewing distance. A tiny camera in-between the projectors scans for infrared identification markers placed on the surface. The camera uses these markers to precisely track your head position and orientation in the physical world, enabling the software to accurately adjust how the holographic scene should appear to you. The glasses get their video signal through an HDMI connection. The camera is connected via a USB port on the PC.

Simple, right? For about $189, you can get your own castAR augmented reality glasses with the necessary accessories to play Dungeons and Dragons. Personally, I think it would be great to give virtual tours of unbuilt spaces or faraway ruins (think Atlantis). I’m sure there are a million other uses as well, but the best part about new technology is its infinite possibilities, especially since it’s in its infancy – castAR will only grow along with other new games and apps. The hologram is a sci-fi dreamer’s fantasy, but it’s not always well-deployed. Remember, Tupac’s holographic performance at Coachella?  Then, we can use it to watch holographic performances of our favorite dead or alive artists.

For now, there are no ways to connect it to your mobile devices, but it’s expected to come soon.

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