There’s A Party For The Stewardess Is Flying The Plane


It’s occurred to us on the increasingly less rare occasions that we leave the house and socialize that a large number of people have the very mistaken idea that we bloggers rarely if ever speak to anyone, curled up with our laptops in our slippers, hardly toeing the culturescape line and terrified of all contact.


We’re actually one big happy family that blogs together and stays together. Which is why we’d like to pimp fellow, um, “‘bistro-er” Ron Hogan aka Galleycat‘s book party tonight, for The Stewardess is Flying the Plane: American Films of the 1970s, because it has to do with the visual culture of the 1970s. And visual culture and UnBeige are practically synonymous. Here’s how Ron pimped himself:

The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane! is a lavishly illustrated and informative look at more than 400 films of the decade, not only acknowledged masterpieces like The Godfather and Taxi Driver, but cult faves like Kansas City Bomber…and even spectacular flops like Myra Breckinridge. Ron Hogan’s commentary places the films in the context of a time when the counterculture became America’s culture. With 310 color and black-and-white images, Stewardess! is the most comprehensive overview available of this fascinating era in American film.

6-9, Lolita (corner of Broome & Allen).