There’s a metaphor in here somewhere

Reuters reports that 102,000 Disney-brand portable DVD players are being recalled because the battery packs “can overheat and possibly burst.”

Perhaps it’s a friendly reminder as Disney CEO Bob Iger sets his company up as the iTunes-selling, Internet-streaming, mobile distributing, cutting edge company of the 21st century, that we should really only trust Disney to do what it does best: give parents desperately needed time off in return for turning their children into the next generatin of consumers eager to buy anything and everything with Nemo or Buzz Lightyear or Chicken Little in it, both to play with when they’re young and for “nostalgia” when they’re old and wish they were young.

When it comes to actual products with batteries that could explode and turn your child into the next Two Face, maybe we shouldn’t trust a company whose quality standards are evident in “The Shaggy Dog” and “According to Jim.”

Update: A German woman died after riding the flight simulator at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center. I guess Disney has now taken a commanding lead amongst multi-national media conglomerates that can kill or maim Americans.