The X Factor Gets Mobile Game

Namco Bandai Networks has released a mobile game based on The X Factor TV show, according to Mobile Entertainment. The game will be available in the UK and Ireland from Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange and 3.

“The X Factor is one of television’s crown jewels, with millions of viewers regularly tuning in,” said Masaji Okubo, managing director of namco Bandai Networks Europe, said in the announcement. “Mobile games based on TV shows are proven sellers in every country, so such a well-known brand will perfectly compliment the other best selling games in our portfolio.”

No word yet on whether this game would be available stateside — probably not — but it continues a tradition of releasing recognizable TV and movie properties on mobile devices. This trend exists for several reasons: “casual gamers” who play games on cellphones are more likely to play titles like this, instead of “hard-core gamers” which flock to the game consoles and their PCs. Plus, it’s difficult to market new IP (intellectual property) on a 2-inch cellphone screen, so vendors have better sales results with titles that people can immediately recognize.

Namco prepares for the judges [Mobile Entertainment]