The Windows Store Now Accepting Submissions form App Developers in Over a Hundred Countries

Microsoft announced today that they were making a number of changes to the Windows Store. MS is both removing restrictions on app submission while also expanding the customer base. App developers from 120 countries are now able to submit their work to Microsoft, Their apps, both paid and free, will soon be available in those 120 markets around the world.

Microsoft is leaving this kinda late, don’t you think? Windows 8 is due to hit store shelves on 26 October, and that’s less than 2 months away. I’m not sure that’s really enough time to build up a solid supply of apps for the new OS.

While the full version of Windows 8 is expected to be able to support apps written for older versions of Windows, there’s also going to be Windows RT. Thsi lesser version will have reduced hardware requirements, and it will also be incompatible with existing apps. Windows Rt is going to require a new set of apps before it will be of any use.

via The Next Web

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