The US Senate Adopts Scribd for Sharing Docs with Public

The US Senate entered the 21st Century yesterday when it announced that it was adopting a number of new services as a way to better share news and information with the public.

The Rules Committee of the US Senate released a report yesterday where it recommended a number of services for Senators and their staffs to use. Normally a report like this would be quite dull, rule-bound, and bureaucratic, but this report covered digital services.

Scribd was just one of the several services recommended, but it’s the one I’m most interested in. The Rules Committee has signed a deal for Scribd to provide advertising-free document hosting for Senators and Senate Committees. There’s even a Senate liason with Scribd who will provide technical support for Senators and staff.

Speaking as one who has had to claw my way through a morass of websites, databases, and repositories in search of federal documents, this is a very good thing. With a little luck, my next research expedition won’t result in my stumbling across broken links, irrelevant paperwork, and other nuisances.

via Scribd