The US Map In Marco Rubio’s Campaign Logo Doesn’t Include Hawaii and Alaska

Presidential geography fail.

marco rubio logo

The latest Republican to enter the race, Marco Rubio has unveiled his campaign logo along with his announcement and — eek! — Houston, we have a problem.

Actually, Alaska and Hawaii, we have a problem. In the sense that those two states aren’t included with the map of the mainland that dots the “i” in his last name.

Of course, the Senator from Hawaii has a problem with this.

And rightfully so. Hawaii is often treated like it’s another country all together. We’re surprised we haven’t heard anything from the Alaskan officials as well.

Experts who spoke with Business Insider say they felt the map was an “afterthought” but praised the font and the color scheme of the logo. Other reactions were also mixed. Our two cents: It’s boring.

Given the attention Hillary’s logo received, this kind of scrutiny is to be expected. And something like this should really be caught and discussed before an announcement of this magnitude. If you’re running for the highest office in the land, it stands to reason that you’d want to include all of the land over which you wish to govern.

And given the contentious way this race will likely play out, none of the candidates want to give their opponents any free points. Many voters will just be getting to know the candidates at this point and you want to make sure your logo strikes the right chord.

Book cover photo of Marco Rubio