The Ups and Downs of the Facebook IPO

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After lots, and lots, and lots of talk the Facebook IPO happened today!! Do you feel any different? Yes, no, maybe? We understand… you’re still counting your money. We’ll come back to you.

Just like so many things that get tremendous media build-up, as soon as the story reaches its apex, there’s the huge fall off. Facebook officially went public at 11a.m. and by this afternoon, there’s the “IPO fizzle” video, a roundup of jokes, and the disappointment over the fact that the company is only valued at the $38 per share, or $115 billion, that had been previously discussed. (Apparently, the company got a little help?)

Even Bono couldn’t catch a break: one minute he was a billionaire, the next minute, he wasn’t. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem too bothered by any of it.

Even when the media is hyped up on something, the key for companies, brands, and other people is to remain sane.

In that sense, Zuckerberg and company has done a pretty good job. Mark never deviated from his hoodies, no matter what the analysts said. There wasn’t a whole lot of extraneous pre-IPO talk as far as we can tell. So now, with day one down, we move on to “what next?”

And the answer is no one knows yet. Here’s where keeping quiet and going about your business is the best advice. Facebook’s numbers are speaking for themselves right now. The company’s recent business decisions are already showing returns. The company still has tons of users, and it’s almost the weekend. Sometimes letting things happen today and being proactive on Monday is a good course of action.

Update: Facebook closed at just above $38.