The UADA: A United Front for App Developers?

The UADAErick Schonfeld has an interesting post about a new service called “The UADA” that has undisclosed services that will be announced on February 29, 2008. Erick postulates that the company acronym stands for the “United Application Developer Association.” This makes sense because at one point there was a significant amount of discussion in the Facebook developer forum surrounding a union of Facebook developers.

Together, each of these developers will theoretically be able to demand a higher CPM from companies like SocialMedia and other advertising networks that currently provide monetization or threaten to appoint a representative who will go negotiate better ad deal directly with brands. This is simply a hypothesis and currently we have no more details on the purpose of the company. This definitely makes a lot of sense but Lee Lorenzen, the interim-CEO of the company stated that “it is not an ad network.”

Another purpose for the company would be to negotiate term modifications made by Facebook. Other companies including SocialMedia have already been invited to participate in new terms discussions with Facebook. Perhaps Adonomics was left out of the discussion and the lack of response by Facebook drove Lee Lorenzen to create this new association which aggregates the long tail of Facebook applications.

The concept of creating a Facebook application developers union is somewhat fringe but perhaps Lorenzen will be able to pull it off. Do you think there is a lot of value offered by a Facebook application developers union?